Monday, December 14, 2009

28 weeks......4 weeks to go

Today is our 28 week mark which is a great milestone for Mono-Mono twins. The closer we get to 32 weeks, the statistics show a better picture for our girl's physical as well as mental health......and while the last thirty days seem to have gone by also seems like such a long time since I last saw my home, had a breath of fresh outdoor air or had the luxury of story time in my daughter's bed. But, again, I focus on the bigger picture and try not to dwell on what I'm missing.

Inpatient life is going as well as can be expected. Craig and Jordan come up daily and we enjoy movie night, puzzles, cuddles and quality time. I have a great room with two large windows that I get to stay in most of the time...on occasion I get bumped when the number of laboring patients exceeds the number of rooms available. Technically, I'm an antepartum patient and most women in that category go to a different floor and have a permanent room. But, because I'm on an IV and I have continuous monitoring, I can only be treated on the Labor and Delivery Floor which is unusual. As a result, my room priority is lower than those who are laboring and delivering. So, two times, at midnight, I have been bumped from my room and moved to a small box of a room to wait out the influx of deliveries. This is something that I haven't dealt with too well...... frankly, it's made me quite emotional. And as of right now, it's not anything we've been able to get policy change on. So, we'll endure and hope for the best.

Another hiccup...I'm now on a restricted diet because I have developed gestational diabetes, something common with a multiples pregnancy. And while the items I can eat are very similar to my regular diet....I often feel like I'm starving.....ok, so I'm exaggerating, but I've never wanted a doughnut more than I do right now.

On a lighter note, we've chosen the names for our girls!

~ Madison Lee and Charlotte Renee ~

Our little Maddie and Charlie

The middle names were chosen to honor the important women in our lives. My grandmother's first name is Lee, and my sister-in-law's middle name is Lee. My mother-in-law's middle name is Renee. We wanted to honor these fabulous women in our lives because they have loved us, supported us, and given us strength to make it through some of life's biggest challenges. We are blessed to have them in our lives and our girls will be blessed to be loved and nurtured by them as they grow up.

Although I would love to be home, I really hope we make it to the 32 week mark. Our tentative c-section date is January 19th 2009. Oh yeah...and here's the belly.....

Additional pictures from life at the hospital......


angie said...

Your belly is so beautiful........and your girls names are wonderful.'re 29 weeks........even better. I hope you had a big party. That's BIG time. I remember being so excited to hit that milestone.

Merry Christmas!

Robyn said...

Congratulations on making it this far. I know how frustrating it can be! The names you chose are lovely! The middle names of my girls are after my sisters, so I understand the beauty of namesakes. I hope you continue to do well. I'm sorry to hear that you developed gestational diabetes, I was really worried about that. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers in making it until 32 weeks. I will be delivering next Thursday, and I am so very excited! Good luck and take care of yourself!

Christine:) said...

I'm glad you seem to be keeping your head up- I can't imagine how frustrating and the rollercoaster of being confined to that room must be!
Not sure if you read it yet, but Kate Gosselin's book "Miraculous" or something like that is all about her bedrest and hospital stays before she had the 6 kids. I loved it, but I read it way before all of her tabloid issues. I kind of changed my mind on that family during the midst of all of that. Still, it's a great read especially if you are experiencing something similar, I'd imagine.

You look beautiful, and it's wonderful that Craig and Jordan can see you each day!

danapate said...

So...from one mono momma to another..YAY for 28 weeks. That is awesome. I remember the feeling all too well. Our boys were born last December 11th. We only made it to 30 weeks, but they are doing amazing now. Just to give you hope and a little inspiration. One of our guys only had two vessels in his cord so the chance of cord compression for him (ending in fetal death) was about 70%..but you know what...we prayed that "chance" away and that little stinker made it just fine. Our guys were 2lb 9oz and 2lb 14 they are 20lbs and in trouble every single day.
I will begin praying for you and your girls daily. I know how hard it is to be confined to a hospital bed and not be able to be with your husband and little girl. When I was inpatient my husband had to take care of our three little girls, ages 1,3, heart ached to be with them but ached at the thought of losing my boys. VERY hard time but very bitter sweet. I learned so much about myself as a mom and woman after God's mercy and love, that I wouldn't take back a single moment of what we endured.

Btw- I found your blog through the other two mono moms on here, Robyn and the Boersma twins.

I too am a teacher. I too know what your heart feels like each morning you wake up "still pregnant" and I know the agony of listening to the galloping horse sound of those precious little heart beats 24 hrs a day. What hospital are you in? Our boys were the first mono boys born at our hospital here in Birmingham.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I am praising God for your health thus far. And I will continue to pray for your girls to thrive and stay safe for 4 more weeks.

Dana Pate
mono mom of James and John David Pate