Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reflections on Marriage

Craig and I married on August 10, 2002 in a small church in my hometown. It was everything I had hoped for in a beautiful day to celebrate our love and commitment to one another. We've been through quite a journey and this very day are celebrating our eighth wedding anniversary!

It's amazing how fast time passes you by. It seems like just yesterday I was standing arm and arm with my 74 (now 82) year old grandfather ready to walk down the aisle to my handsome groom.

My Grandfather is a sensitive soul. He was very emotional that day. It took all he had to keep it together down the aisle and I feel so blessed to have so much love from such a wonderful person.

I walked down the aisle, beaming with joy and love for my husband and the dreams of our future together as man and wife.

I remember being very at ease the whole day. Nothing was going to take away from the moment when I said "I Do"...

Not even a yellow paint mishap that very nearly could have been disastrous to my gorgeous dress....YIKES!

It was a fabulous day filled with friends, family & celebration. I never imagined such a beautiful day in my life and nothing has compared to it since other than the birth of my three daughters. Here are a couple of pics that I love from that day.....

The Bride to be.....

The now happily married couple....told you he was handsome!

Sooo...here's what I've learned so far about Marriage...

#1 As Jordan would say...."It's a BIG Job!"
#2 Compromise is not an option it's a necessity....
#3 It's important to be the other persons biggest fan.
#4 Communication is key.
#5 Forgiveness is necessary.
#6 Laughing with one another keeps life together lighter.
#7 Hugging & kissing daily helps to maintain closeness.
#8 There will be many tests along the way to tempt the strength of your bond.
#9 It's important to keep your spouses dreams alive as well as your own. Working together to reach them is part of the journey.
#10 There will always be ebbs and flows as the years pass.

I feel blessed to be sharing this life with my husband Craig. We've been through so much already in our short 8 years. I look forward to our future together whatever it may bring.


girlytwins said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a beautiful post. You are a gorgeous couple. To many more years of happiness :)

angie said...

Happy Anniversary! A bit late, but sincerely none the less. :)

Paula & Skip said...

Over from BF and even now I truly can feel the serenity. You are right, he is handsome ;-) and you gorgeous! Happy Anniversary.
I am going to move to Tampa from Munich/Germany to marry the love of my life. It will be an even bigger job with language and cultural differences. Yet home is where the heart is :-) Love from my heart to yours!