Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Writer's Workshop: Motor Mouth

That's me....I'm the "Motor Mouth".......or at least that's what my Dad used to call me. "Niki" he'd say, "You're such a Motor Mouth!"


"Hey, Motor quiet"

in other words....

I talk.......

A LOT....

and my little one Jordan



Jordan knows all, can dispense advice with the best of them.

In her long five years of life, she's learned a ton and she's not afraid to share what she knows. Just the other day, while on stage for her end of dance camp performance, Jordan felt the need to tell me all about the types of dances....did I mention she was on stage? Getting ready to perform? She also was motioning me to move to a certain place and instructing me to take video versus a picture of the performance....



My little miss is a smart cookie who loves to chat....and truth be told.....boss a bit.

She'll have a conversation with anyone - she does not discriminate.....old, young, girl, boy - it does not matter- if you are a willing participant, she will give you an earful.

And you know what?

I was JUST like her

and now

I get it.

I really do.

It used to hurt my feelings when my dad would call me a "motor mouth" but now I TOTALLY get it.

When I'm just trying to be in my own head, it's impossible, because she's in my head, god love her...she has a lot to share. So instead of calling her a motor mouth and giving her that complex, I try my best to just listen and participate in the conversation in a somewhat productive manner....I'm not always successful (did I mention I just recently had twins and a solid nights sleep is still hard to come by? Therefore thinking straight is a rarity) but I try, because.... chatty, friendly, boisterous, amazing little girl is a force to be reckoned with at the ripe old age of five and I want her to run with her fearlessness. I want her to feel no judgment so she can share her perspective on life with the world. I want Jordan to feel compelled to call people on what's right and wrong and speak up for those who won't speak for themselves. Because ultimately, she can be the voice for those who aren't willing to put themselves out there. She's got that kind of potential....the potential to lead, to influence and guide. Honestly, I am often in awe of her.

Which leads me to another thought......being her Mom is a BIG job....making sure she grows into a responsible, empathetic, giving, loving individual will require my guidance and it's a BIG job....but you know what? It's one job I'm willing to hang onto throughout all time. Hopefully she doesn't fire me.....

This blog was inspired by none other than MamaKat - one of the few bloggers out there that truly makes me smile on a regular basis.

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MissMom2U said...

What a great post (from one "motor mouth" to another). All my kids have also inherited this from me, and like you I encourage it!
Stopping by from Mama Kat's

angie said...

My #5 is a motor-mouth. Just like I used to be too. He drives me nuts sometimes. Guess I now know how it feels. :)