Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dance! Dance!

My Daughter has a love of music. She sways, bounces and flings her arms in the air to anything musical. She does not discriminate. She loves Sesame Street, the Oscar Mayer commercials, and Mommy's booty rap. All music inspires my girl to bounce her tush or sway her arms around. It is so adorable and free. I say to her, "That's right Jordan, Dance! Dance!" She looks at me with her beautiful round eyes, that are the spitting image of her Daddy's, smiles excitedly and continues her bouncing....(dancing).
Sometimes we dance together. I scoop her up into my arms and we rock back and forth, cheek to cheek to whatever moves us on the radio. It warms my heart and has made otherwise average days, beautiful and more spectacular.
Today, she and I danced together standing in front of one another. This is new for us, because she just started walking and now has the ability to dance while standing. Prior to this week, her dancing consisted of being held by me while she moved her arms up and down or bouncing from a sitting position, swaying her arms back and forth, up and down. Now, well, she is a pro! She stands, bounces on her legs AND sways her arms all at the same time. My growing girl is growing to fast. I only hope she will continue to dance with me as she gets older.

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Tanya said...

How precious! Moments like these are the exact reason why we write -- to remember and treasure the simplicities of joy. Thank you for sharing. :)