Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Unknown.....

A steep slope is before me with freshly packed powder. The air is crisp, the view breathtaking, yet I cannot move. I struggle to enjoy the beauty of this place because I am consumed by thoughts of tumbling down out of control. I begin self-coaching. "You can do this Nicole, overcome!" And yet, I hold my place just a little longer.

A blank page is before me. A stack of writing "how-to" books sit on my coffee table encouraging me and overwhelming me all at the same time. Doubts creep into my head, but I push them aside to open the first pages of each book. I begin scanning to see what they have to offer and to remind myself why I felt it was necessary to click "purchase" on I am again encouraged and overwhelmed. I am also exhilirated at the thought of contributing to the world in a bigger way, yet fearful of the impending rejection that comes with such an endeavor.

Controlling ones creative destiny, daring to hope and dream for more, is a gift we've all been given and advice I dispense to friends when they are daring to make a change in their lives. Advice I wholeheartedly believe in but usually find hard to follow when it is connected to my own life. But, I now have a new sense of determination. I will overcome my worst-critic and begin to write. A new year is upon us, so here I go, I'm pushing on my ski poles down the slope of the unknown...wish me luck!


angie said...

I absolutely ADORE's amazing how our own self doubts can hinder us from doing that which we wish to do.

I have a feeling that this year is going to be FULL of defining moments! :)

Tim said...

You can do it, and your already off to a great start! This was SOOOO well written.

Stopping by from Angies, so nice to meet you. Your a great writer!

Stop by and visit us at The Fort anytime, you are always welcome!

Love and Prayers,


Mama Kat said...

Angie took the words right out of my mouth. What's that saying about never succeeding unless you first try or something?? can do it!

Mayhem and Moxie said...

I wish you the very best of luck. However, I hope you are well on your way with your mission.

Looks like we are all about two years late with our well wishes.