Monday, November 02, 2009

Getting Back on the Horse....

So I'm entering back into the blog world....go me! I started this blog with the intention of writing about the different twists and turns my life has taken, each twist and turn having their own individual affect on my course in life. Well, in recent years, most of those changes have been the normal, everyday life things you expect to happen as you "grow up", graduate college, get married, have a child....yadda, yadda....All have had their own impact and most have been such easy transitions overall. I can't complain! I started out in this world with a lot of challenges to overcome, but in recent years....nothing to complain about.

Let's see, I've been married for seven years, one daughter and one cat. We've lived in Virginia, Connecticut, Florida and now Hawaii all courtesy of the US Navy.We have fabulous friends and family, life overall is not too shabby.

More recently comes the challenge I never anticipated....and I'm a control kind of person mind you.....wait for it.........TWINS.....that's right....we're having twins.
Whoa nelly! How on earth will I do that?!? I suppose we'll figure it all out. If that transition wasn't enough in itself.....we're facing a unique challenge with our twins. They are Monoamniotic-Monochorionic Twins - aka Momo's :0) What this means for our girls (did I mention girls? SO PSYCHED about two more girls...the husband has vowed to get a boy dog to compensate for all of the estrogen). they are our little Momo's. They are snuggling together in the same amniotic sac.....aww...sweet right? It is! But, it's also dangerous and extremely high I type this, I'm nervous about putting it out there because I'm so worried that I will have to come back here and post that it has not worked out for them....With the girls being in the same sac, they are at a high risk of getting tangled up in each others umbilical cords, which can result in compression of the cords, leading to potential fetal death because their lifeline has been cut off. It's just a surreal thought...and I have realized in these last years, just how much I have taken for granted. I have also realized that this is another HUGE defining moment in my life.

There have been others, don't get me wrong, but they have been your average, white picket fence type moments. I married a fabulous man......
who I only want to clobber over the head with a frying pan a fraction of the time. He provides for our family, supports my dreams and aspirations and loves me even when I have a huge twin prego belly complete with acne on my face and the need to sleep with ten pillows at night for comfort.

We have a beautiful, intelligent, absolutely fabulous little girl who has been blessed with great health and a wonderful little personality that makes us smile daily. She has forever changed me with her love, dimples and dynamic way of interacting with the world around her. I have never loved another person as I love her.
That realization in itself has been a defining moment for me these last years. All of these things have been wonderful moments and changes in my life, and it's been just easy....simple....and did I mention easy? So when our most recent additions came into our life, I thought, "easy peasy....this will be a cinch, we'll add a new baby to our lives!" Then there were two....and then they are here we are, TWO, wonderful little blessings....sweet, precious girls that we are trying to bring into this world safely. And so we enter into a new defining SET of moments. I am in awe of these sweet little babies inside of me and I am terrified at the path required to get them here. But I would have it no other way....let me repeat...I WOULD HAVE IT NO OTHER WAY.......Please God....give me the strength to handle what the future brings!

So, here I am....getting back on the "Blog Horse", hoping to share my life with some new and old friends, as well as family as we journey on, and step day by day into our future...hopefully as a family of five.


Melis said...

Yay! Welcome to the world, little Momo girls... you ARE here, even if you're snuggled in your Mommy for now, and you have people rooting for you, so don't forget that, ladies! And welcome back Nicole! Love your written voice and I'm looknig forward to our bloggy friendship :o)

angie said...

My momo journey was definitely ONE of the most profound defining periods in my life. :) It brought our family closer, made me appreciate motherhood on a whole new level and taught me about tenacity.

You are doing all the best things you can for your girls........your optimism WILL move mountains.......I look forward to following you on your journey........and reading about how it defines you. :)

P.S. Be sure to document all the little details and impressions. You'll soon forget and then kick yourself if it's not written down. :)

Mama Kat said...

Oh my goodness! What exciting and slightly overwhelming news!! I was going to recommend you read Seven Clown Circus, but I see that Angie already found you. :) Think positive! I can't wait for you to meet your little babies!!

Oh and to answer your question, yes Kainoa is a Hawaiian husband was born and raised on Lanai so all of our kids have cute little Hawaiian names. I love it. :)

girlytwins said...

My MoMo experience was definitely the most life altering and profound and truly amazing. I still to this day look at my girls in awe and thank god that I was blessed to bring them into this world and into my heart.

I look forward to following your journey. I am happy you found me.