Friday, January 22, 2010

Luv Bug a.k.a Big Sister......My Heart is Overflowing.....

I am more in love with my oldest daughter every day. She has worked through this trying journey of Mono-Mono twins with such grace, maturity and optimism. She is truly an old soul. Each and everyday she surprises me with her amazing perspective and intuition. She "gets it", she sees the bigger picture and has made us the proudest parents. Words cannot truly express how very PROUD we are of Jordan, our Luv Bug, Munchkin....our not so little girl.

Each day, Jordan is thinking of her sisters and loving them in her own special way. She is genuinely excited to have them in our lives. She asks to see them daily and wants to hold them each time we visit. She is so gentle and mindful when she holds them. She talks to them, kisses them and stares at them adoringly. It is heartwarming.

Just a couple of days ago, Jordan received a big sister gift from my husband's boss and wife. The gift was twin baby dolls. She loved them! As I took them out of the box this is the conversation that occurred:

Mommy: "Jordan, which one is going to be Madison and which one will be Charlotte?"

Jordan: "Well...who came out of the box first?"

Mommy: "I think the blue eyed twin" (one twin was blue eyed, the other green eyed)

Jordan: "Then that's Charlotte because she came out of your tummy first, and the second one out of the box is Madison because she came out of your tummy second."

WHAT?! How SUPER DUPER cute is that? I have the cutest kid....I'm just sayin'

She then proceeded to care for her "sisters" the rest of the evening. In fact, at bedtime, I came into her room after she had fallen asleep and noticed that she had a blanket over the top of her dolls and their bed (She created a bed for them out of the box they had come in). When I mentioned this to my husband, he informed me that they were in their "house" (aka Isolettes/Incubators) and the blanket was keeping it dark just like the girl's isolettes in NICU. Jordan put all of this together prior to going to sleep.

Again.....she is SUPER adorable and SO unbelievably surprising and each and every single day, I love her even more than the last. I am SO proud of my girl and just outright amazed at the depth and maturity of her little soul. Her Dad and I are blessed as are her little sisters to have her in our lives.


girlytwins said...

My heart is just filled with so much love for your family. Your youngest daughter's are so very lucky to have such a caring and loving big sister. You are certainly blessed.

angie said...

Oh, she is so sweet. I loved reading about her........and what a special thing that she's allowed in the NICU to help love up her sisters.

Mama Kat said...

Oh my goodness! You must be a basket full of emotions right now! All of your babies are GORGEOUS, I can't wait for them to come home so their big sister can help take care of them. SO sweet!