Friday, January 22, 2010

You Know You're a NICU/Preemie Mom if.......

1.) You're known as "Bessy" and the Land o' Lakes truck covets your supply of frozen milk.

2.) Acronyms are a part of your everyday lingo.....NICU, CPAP, ROP,DSats,ABD's.

3.) You have multiple strategies for getting ROCKSTAR hospital parking.

4.) You should own stock in the Medela company for all the products that you use.

5.) You have the doctor "Scrubbing In" process down pat.

6.) Your regular accessorizing consists of pink (or blue!) hospital band(s) around your wrist and for the 37th day in a row, you're tickled to say "yes, I 'just' had twins" as you ride to the Neonatal ICU floor.

7.) You're borrowing a neighbors freezer for your stash....

8.) You're ecstatic to see your girls (or boys!) in their first little outfit because it was not a given when they were born.

9.) The idea of your child(ren) being in an open crib brings tears to your eyes.

10.) The NICU nurses see you more often than anyone else.

11.) You've found yourself longing over the babies that are doing the car seat test.

12.) You're considering a second career as a nurse simply because it'll be a no brainer at this point.


angie said...

This is the best "You kow You're a NICU mom if" list I've seen. Thoroughly brought back memories.

B said...

I remember one of the special care nursery nurses pointing out that I was able to come into the nursery without crying. I felt like those nurses were my best friends by the time we were discharged.

Each day you go through your routine is one day closer to those girls being big enough and strong enough to go home! Thank you for sharing your story and beautiful family with us!

Sonora said...

Oh how I can relate to this list. The NICU experience is something I will NEVER forget. I don't know if anyone can really relate to it unless they have been through it. Only a parent of a NICU baby know how important reaching and passing the carseat test is. I am so glad your babies are doing well and I am glad you found my blog so I could find yours!!