Saturday, September 11, 2010

Back2Blogging Day #2 ~ A Post I Wish You Would Have Read.....

Back2Blogging Day #2 with....

Assignment: Share a post you wish more people would have read......

I wrote this post in June and I really liked how it came out......

Keeping it all in Perspective

I often reflect on my life and wonder how I've gotten through the things that I have endured - not just the ordeal with the twins (see posts Nov. 2009 to present), but so many other things along my 31 year journey in this life. And I have come to the conclusion that we are all innately strong and therefore capable of weathering any storm given the right perspective. Life is complicated, it's messy and it's often times unfair. Life is full of selfish, disheartening individuals who cause undue pain and that just plain stinks.


Life is also





I am a "glass is half-full" kind of person. I try to choose the positive perspective and run with it as much as possible. Occasionally, I have a "half-empty" day - after the last six months and other life hardships, it's kind of a given. If I have those days, I allow myself the cycle of emotions - because they are warranted.


I pick myself up

dust myself off


move forward.

I consider myself blessed and I choose to focus on my blessings rather than the's this perspective which has carried me through even the most daunting of challenges that life has thrown my way.

I like to write posts like this to remind myself, as well as others that there are remarkable things in our everyday life that we should be thankful for. And with the journey of our twins being Monoamniotic-Monochorionic a.k.a Momo's....I remind myself regularly how very blessed we are. I had hope more people would read it because I think it is a reminder of how beautiful life can be and it can serve as a place to visit when you or I are having one of those "glass half-empty" kind of days.


Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Hi, Nicole. Yes, I too have had MANY of the half-empty glass days. But may I say that I think you are a wonderful mother and your twins are so beautiful and precious and your little daughter is a princess! When the day is hard, just look up to the sky and throw it all up to God! That's what I do and it seems to help tremendously. :)
Take care,

The Drama Mama said...

I'm glad you reposted this. It should be read by more people. It's beautiful.

I try to be a glass half-full kind of person myself.

Stopping in from SITS. said...

I try to be a glass half full person too... but occasionally the glass full of liquid gets knocked over completely and you are left cleaning up the mess... and other times, you are able to empty the glass into another to share :) I love your writing style on this piece and am glad you chose to showcase it - happy B2B - my post for day 2 is if you have time to stop by

This is me... said...

What a beautiful post! I'm glad you re-posted it! So nice to meet you!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a beautiful post! I really enjoyed reading it. Stopping from SITS!

Melis said...

Aw, I love this post! I'm so glad you picked THIS one - it really is utterly lovely and the photos you chose to go with your words are simply perfect!

Mandy said...

What a wonderful post. :) Precious photos. Stopping by from SITS. :)

Crystal said...

Stopping by from SITS.

I try so hard to be a glass half full kinda gal too! Your twins are precious. I am a twin mom too- fraternal boys. They are 4 now.

Amber Page Writes said...

Amen. It's hard to remember to be positive in the midst of hardship, but always, always worth it.