Sunday, September 12, 2010

I {HEART} Blogging ~ Women I Admire: B2B Day #4 and #5

I am participating in the SITS Girls Back2Blogging challenge.

I missed Day #4 and it's now Day #5, so I'm going to double up here. (bear with me, I think it's worth your time?)

Day #4 of the B2B Challenge asked that we discuss A woman we admire.....I had trouble narrowing this down to one woman. So I decided that I would create a LIST of Women that I admire.

~ I admire Mothers of Preemies. Preemies come with so many special challenges at the start of their lives and the mothers have to be resilient, and remain hopeful in the face of the uncertainties. There are SO many unknowns when you have a child(ren) born too early.

~ I admire Mothers of Multiples.
One child is a challenge. I thought I had it tough with one....AHAHAHAHA....and then I had twins. And now I watch mothers of triplets, quintuplets and sextuplets and I am grateful for my twins and singleton. I admire those women who, often after enduring life in the NICU find their way to a balanced life with multiples underfoot. Well done ladies!

~I admire Mothers of Monoamniotic-Monochorionic Twins - it is a special journey all its own.

**These women mentioned above, happen to be in a group with me...and I really do not want to seem like I am admiring myself because that is not the case. I have a unique perspective, because I have been in their shoes and I know what they are enduring, I empathize with their journey and I know that I personally came out on the lucky end of all three of those things. I had two babies, who were preemies and Monoamniotic-Monochorionic twins...but our journey wasn't nearly as challenging as it could have been. I am blessed with healthy, happy babies who have wonderful temperaments. I am lucky. I admire those with triplets (or more!), those with preemies who had a journey filled with setbacks, and mothers of Momo twins who lost one or both of their beautiful children. Although we endured some of these challenges, I know we were fortunate to avoid the bulk of the most difficult and heartbreaking scenarios. So...this is why I admire those who have been in my shoes but amplified ten fold.

~I admire women who have battled cancer . I am inspired by their resiliency.

~I admire single mothers. They do it all on their own, and make it work. It's amazing and something to be proud of. We all live our lives, and most of us envision life in a partnership raising children, and when it must be endured alone, that's an exceptional challenge.

~ I admire wives of deployed soldiers. Especially those who remain positive in the face of life without their partner for an extended period of time.

~ I admire Nurses - I was cared for by an army of nurses throughout my hospital stay with the twins. There are no words for their dedication, patience and love. They are the reason my girls are here today.

~I admire Mothers of Special Needs Children - Children who require continued assistance requires a Mother with optimism, unconditional love and overall commitment to their child's needs over their own.

~I admire Women who in the face of challenges choose the positive path. It's not always easy to make that choice to focus on the good in life, to continue to make good choices, even when the bad are tempting and simple fixes. I admire those who make their lives work in the face of challenge and they do it in a way that's positive.

Phew......I'm long winded! I could honestly go on...why did I not post yesterday? SHEESH!

Day #5 of the SITS girl challenge was to explain our reasons for blogging....

Top Reasons Why I Blog:

1.) I like the idea of having my words out there for my daughters to read in the event that I cannot be with them. I worry a lot about something happening to me and not being here for my girls, blogging brings me comfort in knowing my words are there for them. My girls can log on anywhere and find “me”.

2.) I enjoy journaling my thoughts and experiences as a reminder of days gone by. And when I am an old lady and barely sane – it’ll make for an interesting “story”.

3.) I try to keep to my blog’s overall message and focus on the moments that define me while keeping a positive perspective. It’s a good reminder to myself that life is good, even when the half-empty days happen.

4.) I blog to connect with other mothers and women who share my perspective on life. It makes the experience of motherhood a little less lonely.

5.) I enjoy reading inspiring stories as well as those that make me laugh out loud. It's a nice way to enjoy my morning coffee.

6.) I am a writer and this is the start of the elusive platform. I aspire to share my words with others and I hope that I will find my way to a larger audience one day.

Thanks for enduring a double post! I hope it was one that brought additional perspective on life and those Defining Moments that make us who we are.


Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I would think moms would love to blog to just get some adult conversation and companionship--even if it is online.

Stopping by from SITS. Here's mine if you get a chance:

scrapwordsmom said...

Love all the women you chose and why you blog. I haven't written my post yet today...going to ponder on it then sit down later this morning and get to work!! Thanks for the inspiration.


Dawna said...

Great post! Stopping by from SITS. Give mine a peek, if you have time.


kneesandpaws said...

I really agree with your list of people to admire. You reminded me to think of others today and I appreciate that. Sometimes I get too caught up in my own challenges that I need to get perspective. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from SITS

Karen said...

What a great list of women you admire!! This gave me a chuckle, "And when I am an old lady and barely sane – it’ll make for an interesting “story”. Glad I hopped by from SITS this morning! :>

Karen Peterson said...

That's such a great dedication to some truly amazing women!

And some good reasons why you blog. I'm glad you shared!

Peggy said...

Fantastic list of woman!
Stopping in from SITS

girlytwins said...

Such a great post. I too admire those women. I often find myself thinking the same thoughts about said women.

I blog for many of the same reasons. I started blogging to capture life's little moments. To create a keepsake for my girls but it has evolved into so much more, and I have made some great friends :)

Crystal Escobar said...

What a great post. I admire mothers with multiples as well.
I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. I know it was a while back, but I got majorly behind on some things over the summer :)
Anyway, it's really great to meet you. I love hearing what life is like from a mother of multiples. All so very interesting to me.
Also, I'm following your blog through GFC, AND networked blogs. I look forward to getting to know you better.

angie said...

Can I just say that I admire you? Always have. Always been touched by your willingness to give up so much for your babies....for your willingness to show your inner light. I just plain think you are an incredible person and count myself lucky to have "shared" a unique journey allowing us to "meet".

Controlling My Chaos said...

I too love blogging for the way it allows me to document our lives for my girls. There are a lot of great stories that would be lost otherwise.

I had a preemie too, my oldest, and I count myself luckier than most moms of preemies because she was born at 32 weeks and got to go home after just a month in the NICU. My preemie probably looked like a baby hippopotamus compared to the 28 week or less preemies.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Nicole, and leaving your sweet comment! :)

Serene @ MomFood said...

This is a lovely post. I hope you will write more.

Adriana Iris said...

sweet post. =)

Closer to Lucy said...

Just lovely......

Warren Baldwin said...

Linked from Nichole's blog.

I like your list of moms you admire. That is a great list of amazing people.

And I like one of the reasons you blog - so your kids will have something to read in the future in the event you can't be with them. I did the same thing with a pen and note book 20 years ago. I wrote "Letters to my Kids" in the event I woudn't be with them when they grew up. I wrote about debt, marriage, love, commitment, goverment, faith, Christianity, etc.. Fortunately, God allowed me to live and teach them in person, but in case I wasn't there, I had some of the writing. You might even print the articles off and put them in a note book. Sorry, I'm 51 and don't trust technology!

You have a great blog.